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Digital Growth Services

We’re a premium agency that specializes in active, trackable marketing, and dynamic campaigns

Conversion Optimization

Drive your sales upward with our on and off-page technical improvements to user journey and our creation of custom lead funnels.

Impact Marketing

Leverage the power of quantifiable impact marketing to deliver positive corporate social responsibility messaging

Effective PPC

Out-maneuver your competitors with pay-to-play digital advertising that capitalizes on opportunity and operates on responsive strategy.

Social Media

Maximize the potential of your platforms with our content creation, engagement solutions, and comprehensive management.

Web Optimization & User Experience

Leverage the latest in custom UX/UI design to prepare your site for increased traffic and improve user journey, driving your conversions.

Business Plan & Content Writing

Our business plans are comprehensive and professionally written, making them ideal for use in securing funding or presenting to investors. They are also great for use as a roadmap for your business.

Consulting & Strategy

Generate, communicate, and adopt a pattern of decision-making that helps your organization operate at optimal efficiency.

Search Engine Optimization

Connect with your target audience through content that resonates and employs custom, on and off-page SEO strategy to boost your search visibility.

Business Intelligence

Target the right audiences and cultivate the best results by turning data into valuable insight to inform and refine campaign design.

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Increase Sales

Our job is to bulletproof every aspect of your digital presence from your branding down to the technicalities of your web performance so user conversion is seamless. 

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The ROI Experts

It’s simple: we pursue what works and cut what doesn’t so you’re not wasting time or money. Our web data tracking capabilities mean we can evaluate and revise initiatives so we’re always seeking out what will make the biggest impact.

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Continuously Optimizing

Prioritizing data analysis and conducting monthly audits in all sectors helps us ensure your digital presence is operating at peak performance for lead generation and user conversion.

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Ask yourself: Do I know why visitors abandon my site? Do I know my unit economics for growth? Is my website optimized to convert visitors into customers at scale? Am I effectively increasing the lifetime value of each customer?

Growth Marketing is the process of designing and conducting experiments to optimize and improve the results of a target area. If you have a certain metric you want to increase, growth marketing seeks to magnify the strengths and weaknesses of your methods through data tracking. It’s incredibly detail-oriented and strategy-driven. The goal is to run responsive initiatives: push what works, cut what doesn’t. This is accomplished through the analysis of all that data.

We run growth experiments across the entire funnel: CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization), Social Media, PPC, and email marketing. We also focus on customer value optimization to increase the lifetime value of each customer. 

We don’t recommend you create a presence on every social network for a couple of reasons.

1. That’s almost impossible to maintain

2. Your target audience won’t be on every platform 

3. It prevents you from properly using social media as a tool for conversion because your messaging is either going to be spread too thin or be too repetitive through cross-promotion.

Short answer: yes.

Long answer: Your SEO score is dependent on a lot of different factors, many of which are very fluid. This makes SEO improvements a long-term project and never a quick fix. However, SEO algorithms are really just looking to evaluate the credibility of your site. As search engines develop smarter algorithms, the criteria for SEO-friendly content is evolving. Content that is valuable (meaning informative and searchable), reliable (meaning your site and sources are credible), and technically optimized (meaning page speed, backlinks, and metas etc.) is almost guaranteed to help you out.

Contact us to set up a consultation on how we can boost your business in the short-term or support you through a campaign. However, we specialize in growth marketing, so our value is in being long-term investment not a quick fix. 

Our optimization work involves tracking and analyzing the data of your social media, web traffic, SEO, and paid advertising. That data is INCREDIBLY valuable to creating responsive (and successful) campaigns. But that data does take time and testing to collect.

Print may not necessarily be dead, it’s still a widely used method of getting eyes on your brand. However, print doesn’t make sense for a lot of businesses — especially those in e-commerce. 

But what’s really important, is that print advertising isn’t trackable. That means you don’t know how many leads your investment in print content is generating. With digital marketing technologies, you can see exactly where you’re getting your ROI and best reaching your consumer.

Set yourself up for success. This means getting organized from the get-go, setting the foundation for a sales funnel and web presence that’s intuitive, easy to manage, and allows for expansion. 

Major Impact Growth Marketing is strongly focused on growth marketing and optimization. Rather than offering a traditional full suite of services, which we believe takes away from our core competencies, we zero in on our specialization: digital growth. In saying that, we have  chosen to work very closely with specific print, labels, and web development teams that share similar philosophies as we do.

We are creative in our approach in finding a mutual fit for both your organization and ours. We can structure a revenue or profit sharing agreement that is attractive to both parties.

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